Comprehensive Clinical / Diagnostic Assessments

At the onset of services, new clients receive a comprehensive clinical assessment by a licensed therapist to determine what behavioral/emotional problems the client may be experiencing. Clinical Assessments allow Youth Haven Services to partner with the client and their supporters to develop a plan of care as well as determine what services are most appropriate.

Individual and Family Therapy

Youth Haven Services provides Mental Health and Substance Abuse counseling to adults, children, adolescents and their families. We want to help people become empowered by changing the behaviors that often cause pain and to learn new ways to deal with life challenges.

We employ a range of skilled and caring professionals
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Licensed Professional Counselors
Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialists
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Medication Management

We offer psychiatric evaluations and medication management services. Medication management allows our trained medical doctors and nurse practitioners specializing in psychiatry to evaluate symptoms while monitoring the need for medication.

Intensive In Home Services

At Youth Haven, we recognize that families are a crucial element of a child’s world. We value the whole family and understand the need to treat the whole family. It is our philosophy that families must be involved in the treatment of a child for that child to be fully successful. IIH services are delivered in the community and in the home.

Intensive In Home Services are provided by a team of licensed and qualified mental health professionals who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and work with children and their caregivers to build strong, healthy and lasting relationships. By teaching crisis resolution, parenting skills, coping and social skills, we are able to help families stay together and support each other through difficult times. Our goal is to prevent out of home placement and keep families together and successful!

At our last yearly outcomes measures, over 98% of caregivers rate our IIH service as good or excellent and 82% of our discharged youth remained successfully in their natural home at three months post discharge.

Day Treatment

Day treatment serves youth, elementary through high school, who, for behavioral/emotional reasons, cannot safely and successfully attend a public-school setting.

The Day Treatment programs are specialized learning environments in which clients receive treatment in smaller, more individualized classroom settings. The programs are housed in the public-school setting. We partner with the Rockingham and Stokes county school systems, as we provide clinical oversight and direction to the programs. This partnership ensures that each youth is able to earn school credits while acquiring strategies to successfully cope with their behavioral and emotional challenges.

Our Program Goals

At our last yearly outcomes measures, over 98% of parents rate our Day Treatment service as good or excellent and 71% of our discharges were able to be successfully transitioned back into their regular classroom setting.


Youth Haven Services has provided residential treatment in Rockingham County since 2002 and has helped hundreds of youth alleviate the severe disruptions they were previously experiencing in life. We provide 24 hour supervision as well as quality individual and group therapy in the homes. All therapy is provided by licensed therapists and is geared to each resident’s individual needs.

Our focus is on second order change and empowering the youth to make internal changes, not simply external/environmental changes. They will acquire strategies, core values and coping skills which instills in them the confidence for a brighter, more successful future.

We offer Level III treatment for boys and girls. Our homes are licensed by the Division of Health Service Regulation and meet or exceed the standards established by DMH/DD/SAS. These homes operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days a year.