Our Story

Youth Haven was founded in 2002 by Dawn Johnson, LCSW, and her father, James Tucker. Dawn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is the founding CEO of Youth Haven. She has been serving Rockingham County for over 20 years. She is dedicated to ensuring that Youth Haven provides quality, clinically driven services to all clients in a positive, person centered manner. Dawn has a passion for providing high quality customer service and ensures that her staff are also committed to treating each unique individual we serve with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Youth Haven began as a single residential home for boys in 2002 and since inception, Youth Haven has recognized the needs of our community and responded by adding many new services throughout the years. Our services are culturally sensitive, child and family centered, and are developmentally appropriate. We utilize evidenced based practices which emphasize supportive, therapeutic relationships between providers, clients, and families/caregivers.

We look forward to partnering with you in your path to wellness.

Our Leaders

  • Dawn Tucker Johnson, LCSW

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Connie Johnson

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Serena Hooker BS, QP

    Admissions Director

  • Thea Vondracek, LPCS, LMFT

    Director of Outcome Management

  • Rachel Anne Vaughn, LCSW

    Clinical Director

  • Sabrina Hooker, BS, QP

    Residential Director

  • Melanie Tudor, BS, QP

    Quality Management Director

  • Jane Perkinson, LPC, LCAS, CCTP

    Outpatient Therapy Supervisor